Hey there! Welcome to FuriouslyTasty!

Sit back, relax, enjoy a latte (or if you don’t feel like having a big caffeine jolt you are more than welcome to enjoy a cup of tea or juice instead and vice versa), but most of all let’s talk. On this site, I intend to discuss a wide range of interest topics that are intriguing to, and relate-able within many different communities and circles. The themes that I’ll be posting will consist of (but totally not limited to) are:

Trending Topics (i.e. News, World happenings, etc.)

Lifestyles (i.e. Food, Pop Culture, Travel, Introspection/Motivational, etc.)

Sports (i.e. NBA basketball, Pro Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, etc.)

Entertainment (i.e. shows on Netflix, HBO, etc.)

My purpose is to foster in creating to be a part of and join an ever growing, never ending conversation with what’s trending in today’s society. As these discussions continue to grow and perpetuate, it gives rise to shape how we think, what our perspectives are, and how it can change and affect our thought processes. I feel that it’s the utmost of importance to promote the conversation and to talk about because it encapsulates and creates the very fiber of the world we live in.

Thank you for taking your time to visit! Posting at this time won’t be on a schedule and will be completely random, as I am new to blogging; however I hope with this new journey we will create brand new ideas and bring about a fresh perspective for a path of many broader type of visions across a multitude of platforms.



On the road back from Toronto on the 402.